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The Front Desk

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Our Veterinary Nurses are here to help you with any questions you may have in all aspects of veterinary care. They also care for the hospital patients, and assist in surgery. Some of the younger patients may get a bit anxious while in hospital, and our caring nurses are always thinking of new ways to entertain them and make it a positive experience, like this happy helper at reception!

Worming and Flea Treatment

A vital part of animal health is keeping your pet flea and worm free. We have many options including spot on treatments, chewable tablets, heartworm injections, and flea collars. Our nurses can help you decide which treatment option is best for your pet, and easiest for you.


If your pet is covered under pet insurance, please let the nurses at reception know, so that we can provide the relevant documentation for your insurance company.

Many pet insurance companies offer online claiming, to which you may need to create an account on their portal. You will also require consultation notes and the related invoice, to upload to their claim portal. If you wish to claim online, please let the nurse at the front desk know, and we can email you these documents, once the vet has finalised their notes.

If you wish to claim via post, please fill out a claim form prior to your appointment, so we can post this out to the company once the vet has filled out their part. Alternatively, we can start a claim form for you, and we will send you a text once the form is ready for your collection.