We offer a wide range of professional services, that cater to all of your pets needs. Our experienced and friendly staff are always happy to give advice relating to any questions you may have regarding animal health care.

We offer many different surgical operations, and have high quality imaging equipment which allows us to perform diagnostic procedures such as in-house pathology, cytology, endoscopy, radiography and ultrasonography.

We also offer orthopaedic surgical services, surgical correction of brachycephalic syndrome, discounted dental procedures, as well as reproductive services.










pathology services

We are able to perform routine and diagnostic blood profiles, in-house progesterone and cortisol testing, as well as urinalysis, biopsies and microbiology, providing results within 20 minutes.


We understand that life often gets in the way and it can be hard to keep track of your pet's preventative treatments. That's why we offer Happy Paws annual care packages that let us do the work for you. Each month, your pet's flea and worming treatment is conveniently delivered directly to your home. You will also receive a yearly reminder for your pet's vaccination. This is covered as part of the annual package.

We also offer puppy and kitten owners the Baby Paws packages. In these packages, your pet's microchip, 2nd and 3rd vaccinations, and desexing are covered, as well as having their flea and worming treatments conveniently delivered directly to your home.




Happy Paws

Let us do the work for you. To view pricing of our annual packages, please download our brochure.

Baby Paws

Get your fur baby off to the best start. To view pricing of our annual packages, please download our brochure.

Trouble Breathing?

we can help.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome is a condition that affects many of our short or "smooshy" faced breeds. At Belridge Veterinary Centre, we offer high quality treatment options for this condition.


We provide high quality services to breeders, from conception to whelping, as well as our puppy/kitten services. We offer discounts to registered breeders.

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